When I moved to Willis right before COVID, I knew I wanted to buy land and build my forever home here in the heart of the Blue Ridge. Chris helped me navigate the real estate market during a worldwide pandemic to find just the right piece of property to live out the rest of my days. He managed everything from road development to infrastructure, and designed an incredible home that fits my lifestyle perfectly.

I wake up every day and think “I live here!” It’s like a beautiful vacation home but it’s where I get to live and work. I could not be happier with the quality, craftsmanship and dedication that Chris brought to the table. It truly is my dream home.

Rosalie from Wills

We were fortunate enough to have met Chris when he was rebuilding the deck on my parent’s home. During that time we realized what a rare gem he was. He showed up, communicated well, and did amazing work. When it was time for us to buy land and build our dream home, we knew exactly who to turn to. 

Once we stepped foot in one of the Utopian homes we knew it was the right design for us. It had a small footprint but was incredibly spacious, it was energy efficient, and was beautifully handcrafted.

Chris worked with us through the entire process. He got us in touch with the realtor who helped us close on our land. He dealt with all of the permitting and management of the subcontractors. And most importantly, he did everything he could to keep us on budget even with the rising cost of supplies. 

It has now been 4 months since we moved into our dream home and we are so pleased with the work Chris did. We will forever be grateful. Thanks, Chris!

-Chris and Sara from Willis

“I had never built a house before and definitely never designed one. Chris walked me through the entire process and helped me design an incredibly beautiful home that is 100% tailored to me. He took the time to understand every aspect of my life at home so he could help me make decisions about everything from rooms included to room size, to window and appliance placement, I even got to decide where my towel racks and toilet paper holders went!

Chris is a true craftsman. He cares about quality, he cares about beauty, and most of all he cares about the customer being happy. He truly wants to design and build homes that perfectly fit the homeowner’s life so they can live in harmony with their space. Chris is honest, dependable, and trustworthy and I wouldn’t want anyone else building my home. I feel truly lucky that he built my house and I love every single inch of it. It is perfect!”

Jessie from Floyd
River and Harper love their sunny view.
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