The Utopian Home

I’ve built a lot of things over the past 20+ years, from minor home repairs to full home renovations. Now I’m focused on crafting reasonably sized, custom homes with personalized touches that fit each homeowner’s lifestyle and vision of home.

I’m happiest when I’m helping people create their ideal living space – their Utopia. My goal is to craft homes that feel cozy yet luxurious – sustainable living that will last a lifetime.

This 920 square foot home in Willis has two bedrooms and one bath and features a large 8′ x 4′ kitchen island with local reclaimed barn wood counter tops. Four large skylights, two 8′ x 8′ sliding glass doors, two transoms, and large windows bring in lots of natural light.

Nestled on a ridge atop 38 acres, this build included road development plus well and septic installation.

At approximately 1500 square feet, this home near Meadows of Dan includes three bedrooms and two full baths. Floating shelves and custom cabinets create space and provide plenty of storage for a family of five.

Custom decking is another amenity that makes each Utopian home unique. Having large and comfortable outdoor spaces is just as important as what’s inside.

This home just outside of downtown Floyd features plenty of space for guests and quiet corners for work and play.

The metal exterior provides a low-maintenance, modern look with lots of windows and custom trim.

My homes typically feature a wood burning stove, mudroom, double vanities, and hemlock siding. I believe a home should be comfortable and useful, with no wasted space and everything that’s needed to live in harmony.

Each space I build has its own unique character that reflects the homeowner’s interests and lifestyle. I enjoy spending time with each customer, learning about them and the features that will make their house feel like home.

Let’s build something together